4_DiabetesTracker Full Screen Cover4_DiabetesTracker Full Screen Cover

Designing for Patient Adherence

Our task was to design a fun & unconventional meal tracker targeted for type 2 diabetes patients in order to better understand their diabetes and how to improve their quality of life. 

Role - Interaction, visual, UX

Team - 2 Designers, 4 Devs, 1 PM

Time Span - 5 weeks

Project Type - iOS App

Tools - Sketch, Illustrator


My Role

Our client came to us to develop an app that would accompany a study for type 2 diabetic patients. The purpose was to understand how software can empower diabetic patients to monitor their glucose levels. My role was to define the interactions/visual design and onboarding experience. I came onto the project and finalized the IA, and then worked on developing the assets & visual guidelines for the whole experience. 


Onboarding Experience & Dashboard

The users onboarding experience was crucial because significant information was required upfront. Our target personas were not tech-savvy, but had an in-person research assistant to help them with the initial onboarding. All these factors influenced the onboarding experience. 

Logging Meals 

Logging a meal involved 2 types of entries: 1) Handful of predefined meals, and 2) custom meals that the user would have to define. The goal of this interaction was to create a single-screen form entry experience as opposed to a conventional form. Our approach to the visuals was to strike an approachable, yet credible feel. 

4_DiabetesTracker L&F 14_DiabetesTracker L&F 1
4_DiabetesTracker L&F 24_DiabetesTracker L&F 2

Onboarding with a Messaging Interface

In order to onboard users, we needed to define meals, ask for medical records, and grant permissions. Because of the quantity of information required to use the app, we knew we wanted a curated onboarding experience. A messaging interface was the most familiar approach for our users, but still allowed us to exchange a great deal of information. This proved much more effective than a pagination gesture experience.

4_DiabetesTracker L&F 34_DiabetesTracker L&F 3