2_Judgy Full Screen Cover2_Judgy Full Screen Cover

Building an app from start to finish in 5 weeks. 

Judgy is a social event app that handles a creator, judge, and contestant flow to let users host friendly competiton. 

Role - UX, Interaction, ia, visual design, illustration

Team - 2 Designers, 6 Devs, 1 PM

Time Span - 5 weeks

Project Type - Android / iOS App

Tools - Sketch, Illustrator, Principle, AfterEffects, JIRA 

My Role 

I came to Intrepid in January of 2017 and my first project was to design an internal app with the Director of Android. The goal was to build the agency's portfolio and I worked with 1 other designer to quickly define the AI, UX & visuals to create a barebones functioning app that the company could use at their annual chili-cookoff.    

Admin, Contestant, & Judge 

We began by mapping the app-flow for 3 different user types and made decisions based on a 5 week development scope. MVP features were prioritized by the Android Director and we collaborated with front/back end engineers to deliver an initial product. 

After designing the general user flow, we began wireframing, quickly iterating on feature details. Contest creators would send out a unique code via SMS or email by accessing native contacts. Contestants and judges can join a contest and will be sorted based on the type of invite the admin sent out. Once all submissions and entries are entered, a progress indicator screen will inform users when all the results are ready to be revealed. 

Clear & consistent, with moments of delight. 

We developed 3 divergent visual design directions via a moodboard that we used to identify the look & feel of our product. From there we applied different explorations of the chosen direction and got feedback from other designers on our team. The goal was to quickly develop a trustworthy look & leef for our user. 

At the same time, we adapted iOS designs to Android. We defined design paradigms that should be followed across all mobile display sizes that accomodated both platforms. 

2_Judgy Mockups 32_Judgy Mockups 3

Brand voice & illustration 

Finally, we used illustration and microinteractions to extend our brand voice. While contestants are waiting for the final results, an animated ballot box communicates whenever a new judge ballot sent in. A series of branded illustrations are visible if users doesn't upload photos to their contest entries. 12 different asset variations were made based on guideline colors, while microanimation prototypes were made in AfterEffects and Principle.