3_Groovemaps Full Screen Cover3_Groovemaps Full Screen Cover

Rethinking Concert Discovery 

Groovemaps is a concert discovery app that allows users to see what concerts are playing around them tonight on a map interface. 

Role - interaction, visual design, UX, illustration. 

Team - 1 Designer, 2 Developers 

Time Span - 3 Months 

Project Type - Mobile React iOS/Android App

Tools - Sketch, Illustrator, Marvel 


My Role

I joined the Groovemaps team while the interface was unfocused and had many holes. The main navigation was established, but the visual design and brand was not good. This was my first role as a designer with a startup, and I enjoyed designing everything from the illustrations, icons, and interactions while collaborating under quick turnarounds. The iOS app was released September of 2016 for New York and SF.


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3_Groovemaps Overview3_Groovemaps Overview

Discovering Concert Experiece

To define the interface, I worked directy with the CEO to iterate and test designs. The map interface had to be the primary focus. Through user interviews we formed personas that guided our main design decisions. The API consolidated the most sources of concerts knowledge across the internet, and the interface had to focus on finding concerts quickly, but also for searching preemptively.

3_Groovemaps Final Mocks3_Groovemaps Final Mocks

Messaging & a Filtering Experience 

Our goal with MVP was to release the app for NYC & SF first, which meant that if users in Nashville downloaded the app right away, we would likely lose their interest quickly. We integrated location-based error messages to route users to a nearby city, or allow them to sign-up for email updates of when Groovemaps would accommodate their city. Filtering was an intuitive way to sort through the powerful API via date, location, & genre. 

The Onboarding experience uses a paginated carousel of the app's UI to communicate the main value proposition points. A unique brand color was given to define the each of the bottom nav selections.

Testing it Out 

We used a prototype of our MVP to test with music-lovers as well as a communication tool for investors. We found that there were some confusion over certain iconography use and the navigation to an artist vs. venue page. 


A preliminary round of funding was raised after September and 2 other developers were able to get hired. The app first released in 2016, and is looking to continuously develop some of the features that were out of scope for MVP.