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The Intrepid Design Traits

Intrepid recently has been scaling up and now exists in multiple cities across the states. In an effort to not lose our identity as a design team, we made some design team traits and a manifesto to keep us grounded.

Role - poster design, illustration, design team interviews

Team - 2 Designers

Time Span - 2 months

Project Type - Design Team values as posters. 

My Role

I worked with 1 other designer and our Design Director to synthesize the thoughts and phrases that capture our team’s personality & philosophy. Our goal was to crystallize certain values within our team culture to give a sense of connection despite being separated geographically. A manifesto that would act as a statement of intent for a series of posters that would be used to present to a board of directors.


Product Designing for Value Statements

Facebook Analog Research Labs and other design agency's values such as Ueno and Fjord were used as inspiration for an initial jumping off point. We focused on defining Intrepid's visual identity like we would any other digital product. A series of design team activities were hosted, including design charrettes and word exercises to capture and involve everyone interested in helping form our values. 

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Framing our Values

We chose 4 words to define the design DNA that is in every Intrepid designer, 1) Collaborative, 2) Distinct, 3) Innovative and 4) Meticulous. We then divided and conquered into groups to write out why be believed these traits were significant, and came back together with under 250 characters of explanation copy. 

These values continued to frame an ongoing conversation about our design team's philosophy and process. 

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