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Designing for Connected Headphones

Connect helps users easily interact with their Bluetooth devices and take advantage of otherwise hidden features of the premiere products. 

Role - UX, Interaction, design systems, ia

Team - 2 Designers, 8 Devs, 1 PM

Project Type - iOS / Android App

Tools - Sketch, JIRA, Flinto, Illustrator, Photoshop


My Role

I helped design out specifically scoped features for versions 5.0, 5.1, and 5.2 for Bose Connect on Android & iOS. Some of the tasks included shipping the "Find My Buds" feature and Google Assistant Integration. We integrated many of client's newest commercial products in the Connect app. 

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Voice Assistant Integration Onboarding

We spent about a 2 months developing the onboarding feature for a Google Assistant integration. This allowed users to quickly access a voice assistant at a click of a button. Designing around edge-cases from region and platform constraints impacted many of our design decisions while still keeping the user in mind. Multiple flows were designed around if the user was in a VPA-region or not.

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Find My Buds

Our client approached us with a need to integrate an earbuds GPS locator feature for their new wireless, in-ear buds. One of the most difficult challenges included designing around Bluetooth advertising to 2 seperate buds. The feature sends a ringing sound for the users to locate their buds in real time if they've misplaced them. The product onboarding was also carefully crafted and geurilla style user-tested with a Flinto prototype, and then pitched to the internal Bose team. 

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Organizing for Development 

Our engineers worked tirelessly to release app versions on time, while at the same time integrating newly designed features. During the process, designers kept assets organized for hand-off and insured componentizing assets to maintain consistent meaning. We optimized our Symbols page and libraries in Sketch so we could focus on rapidly iterating, while constantly talking to our devs through the redline/hand-off process to ensure quality.