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I led the end-to-end product design process on the Performance review squad to design a Calibrations tool MVP. 15Five is a human-centered continuous performance management platform backed by positive psychology that enables manager effectiveness. 

Platform Offerings
360 Performance Reviews 
Engagement Surveys
Employee Recognition 
Weekly Check-ins 
Career Planning

3 Months from discovery to hand-off

1 PM 
1 Product Designer ( Me ) 
1 FE Engineer 
2 BE Engineers
1 Engineering Manager
1 Science Advisor

Web App, Saas, Product Design, UI/UX, UX Research, Generative Interviews, Evaluative Interviews, Stakeholder Workshops 



  • Customers lacked accessible 15Five performance data in their calibration sessions 
  • Customers did not know how to run Calibration sessions 
  • Customers wanted to track career data in a single place and track progress over time
  • Prospective customers were going to competitors because we did not have a Calibrations feature


Why Customers Run Calibration Sessions
“a manager thinks that their person is a top five percent performer... But when we talk to the larger group of leadership... issues that they're manager may not have been aware of come up...” 

- Abby, HR Specialist 


  1. Improve the review cycle UX 
  2. Enable a larger sales funnel
  3. Enable calibrations directly in 15Five
  4. Reduce manager bias 

  5. Align teams on promotion and compensation decisions 


Our MVP allows managers and HR admins to create flexible sessions by user groups, update manager assessments in a grid, evaluate a team distribution as updates are made, document changes in an activity feed, and view calibrated reviews before sharing reviews. 

In depth case study available upon request 

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