A bit about me

I taught myself UI/UX design, working for a couple of startups after college. Later, I joined an agency called Intrepid, where my designs helped Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, telecomm, and iOT. I'm currently at ezCater, designing to connect eaters with restuarants.

My values

Feedback fuels growth
I love designing products because it encourages a growth mindset. The quality of a product improves when a team has open feedback loops with customers, teammates, and stakeholders.

Collaboration leads to good design
High quality products are a result of a team’s ability to communicate effectively. I believe an emotionally intelligent team leads to better products.

Good design is good business
Problem solving happens when designers understand an organization's business model. Good design delights customers and creates loyalty. 

Life influences creativity
I enjoy running races, drawing, watching movies, and believe these impact my design iterations. I also love anything fried chicken related. 

Say hello: parkjamesk@gmail.com, or check out my dribbble.

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